At Standing Stone Kennels we believe it is important to take a positive approach when it comes to training dogs.   We want to help each dog achieve its full potential.  We do this by helping each dog individually, being patient and building on your dog's success.  We also understand that each dog is different and that a "cookie cutter" training approach won't work, therefore, we adapt our training methods to fit each dog.

We develop your dog's natural instincts.  It is important when looking for a new dog to find a breeder that is producing the kind of dog you are looking for. Finding the right breeder will help your dog's natural instincts be what you are looking for in a new hunting buddy.

We love the versatility of our German Shorthairs, but train all dogs for a variety of opportunities.  We train dogs for upland hunting, waterfowl hunting, shed hunting or even obedience.  We encourage testing in AKC and NAVHDA and can help get your dog ready as well as handle them for you in their tests.

At Standing Stone Kennels, we treat your dog like family!  We understand that most of the dogs we get in for training are family members first and hunting companions second.  That's why we maintain good house manners, like crate training, keeping dogs off counters and making them sit and wait to eat or go outside.

We want to help your dog become the dog you want them to be.  To do that we will go over your goals for your dog, the type of hunting you do and how long your can leave your dog for training.  From there we can develope an individualized training plan that will help your dog reach their full potential.  We are also  available by appointment for consults.