breeding philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Standing Stone Kennels we strive to produce affectionate dogs with incredible natural ability that will make excellent family dogs and exceptional hunting dogs.  We look for qualities in our parent dogs that complement each other and will produce a dog with a metaphorical “light switch”.  Our dogs know how to behave and calm down in the house, but also know how to turn it on and tear up a field!  When we evaluate dogs for our breeding program we look for dogs with natural ability, versatility, cooperation, drive, confidence, affection, intelligence and dogs that will make excellent family companions.

We look forward to our upcoming litters with excitement.  Puppies are a blessing and we always make sure they become part of loving families.  We don't breed dogs, just to breed dogs and sell puppies.  Each breeding is planned in advance and chosen to produce puppies with sound genetics and everything we are looking for in the next generation of our breeding program.

All of our puppies are whelped and raised in the house, because we understand the importance of early socialization and development.  The puppies also experience many new things during their first 7 weeks.  They go on car rides, play outside in our environmental enrichment puppy pen and swim at the pond (weather permitting), as well as go through a brief bird and gun introduction.

Please contact us if you are interested in making a Standing Stone Kennel puppy part of your family! - 785.202.0123

After a long search, I determined there was not a better German Shorthaired breeder in the country for my needs.
— Travis (Oregon)