At Standing Stone Kennels we ensure the health and well being of our females, which means we don't over breed.  Our females are part of our family, and though we run a business and they are part of that business, it is more important to us that they are only bred to produce healthy, quality litters that improve the breed. These females have been an important part of our breeding program in the past and are now retired, living the life of luxury, hunting to their hearts content and lounging around the house! 


Get To Know Rosie

Rosie is such a happy go lucky dog! She is always so happy, whether she is chewing on a toy in the house, hunting a field or swimming after bumpers. We see a lot of her mother, Snap, in her especially when it comes to her easygoing demeanor in the house. She is also calm and quite in her kennel! Rosie's temperament and hunting ability contributes to her perfect mix of family member and hunting companion.

Rosie always has a smile on her face and a wiggle in her tail for people and other dogs! She is so friendly and easy going that she even lets some of our other dogs use her as a pillow!

Rosie can definitely turn it on in the field and is a great little bird finder. She likes to run a little bigger in the field, between 60-80 yards and covers ground quickly, but is very cooperative and is always hunting with you!

Rosie definitely has a persistent and determined personality which makes her ready to train or hunt all day long, but can also come off as a little demanding! She definitely will let you know when its her turn for training, hunting, treats and attention!


Get To Know CALI

Cali is a great bird finder with an excellent nose. She backs naturally with style and is a closer working dog that feels comfortable ranging between 30 and 50 yards. Cali loves to swim and is an amphibious retriever whether she is retrieving ducks or bumpers.

Cali is very cooperative and willing to please. She actually did all of her steadiness training for her AKC Master Hunter test without an e-collar. Cali is very honest and easy to hunt with. You can take her out hunting and never have to worry about her stealing points, retrieves or busting birds.

Cali is a very impressive dog and wowed many judges at the AKC Hunt Tests. Cali definitely earned her Master Hunter status with many tough runs in hot, dry conditions!

Cali has a calm temperament, and is just as happy to lay in the house and chew on a squeaky toy as she is scouring a CRP field for wily Kansas roosters.

Cali is one of our foundation females, but is now retired.


Get To Know MAGGIE

Stylish, Cooperative, Natural.

These are the three words that best describe this talented young girl. Maggie has been impressing us for quite some time. At just 5 months old we added her to our fall guiding string hoping that she would be able to get in on a few birds or maybe make a few retrieves. She stepped into the roll almost immediately, competing with the big dogs for finds and retrieves. She even started backing naturally, sometimes hitting a back at 20-30 yards and standing until she saw the birds flush.

We completed her trained retrieve at about 10 months old where she showed us her intelligence and cooperation. We would show her what we wanted and she seemed to understand almost before we asked allowing for minimal time and reps.

Off to a great start we ran her NAVHDA NA test where she received a Prize 1. Maggie is now headed for Utility and AKC Master Titles. Her extreme cooperation and desire to please has made steadiness work easy without loosing style or intensity on point.

Overall, Maggie has a faster hunting style. She moves with great athleticism and grace. She hunts in foot hunting range typically 30-70 yards but will adjust closer or farther depending on cover. Here combined range and hunting style makes her a fun dog to watch that is easy to keep up with. She requires little, to no handling always making for an enjoyable day in the field.

Maggie is a strong retriever and a good swimmer which are the main two things we look for in a duck hunting companion. One thing that can be over looked is ease of handling in the blind. Maggie is one of our favorite dove/duck hunting buddies, because she is calm, patient, and great at spotting birds. She usually spots a flock before we see them! This combined with her field hunting ability makes her a true versatile hunting companion.

Finally, Maggie is not just an exceptional hunting dog. She is a love bug in the house and loves for you to save her a spot on the couch or in the bed to cuddle overnight. She sure makes a great foot warmer! This love for her people makes her a great friend to little kids, and a good watch dog.

Maggie is one of our foundation females, but is now retired.


Get To Know MANDI

This little girl is the complete package, even if it is a small one!

Mandi has the sweetest, most loving temperament for people, other dogs and puppies! She is well behaved in the house and loves to lounge around wherever you are, whether you are in the kitchen cooking, the living room watching TV or the bathroom getting ready in the morning, she is always there laying on the floor by your side. She definitely NEEDS attention and wants to be part of the family!

But just because this little girl is sweet and a dream in the house doesn’t mean she can’t hunt! She would love to hunt all day, every day and especially loves to retrieve! When she is in the house she constantly carries around dog toys and in the field she has always retrieved naturally to hand.

Mandi is a hard worker and her determination makes her a dog you can keep on the ground and hunt all day long, or train tirelessly in the off season. She has a nice foot hunting range and covers ground well, which makes her a joy to hunt behind!

Mandi is one of our foundation females, but is now retired.


Get To Know SNAP

Snap is our light switch dog. When she’s in the house she is off. When she’s in the field she is on.

Snap will sleep on the couch all day long. We’ll feed her in the evening and then she goes out to go to the bathroom. She comes back in and puts herself to bed. We will try to get her to come out of the bedroom and go out one more time before bed, but she is always too groggy to get up and go out. Snap will sleep all night long, either in bed (her favorite) or on her dog bed (her second favorite) and then finally get up in the morning after we’ve taken care of all the other dogs in the house. We want to call her lazy, but when you see her in the field or at the pond the word doesn’t suit her at all!

In the field, Snap likes to hunt between 60 and 100 yards. She will hunt all day on three legs if she’s injured because she won’t stop hunting long enough to put her in the truck. She is one of our best wild bird finding dogs and has guided hunts in Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota. In the water, Snap is a machine. She has a powerful water entry and won’t stop retrieving ducks or bumpers even when she is all bristled up and shivering from the cold.

This incredible combination of a lazy, couch potato that will sleep through the morning alarm and a hard charging, field and duck hunting machine is what makes Snap so special. Never have we found a dog with quite this level of calm, easy going housedog and independent, driven hunting dog all in one package.


Get To Know VINO

Vino has just gotten “sweeter with time”. She has always been easy in the house, even as a puppy. Now she’s even sweeter. She curls up on the couch for morning or afternoon naps, plays like a little puppy with any chew toys she can find and sleeps on a dog bed overnight.

At a very young age she also impressed us in her training sessions. We took her out to train at the pond and she wouldn’t stay on the bank. She just HAD to make retrieve after retrieve after retrieve… and would whine when it wasn’t her turn. In the field we took her along to run and get exercise and she would track and point leftover birds from other dog’s training sessions. We decided she was ready to run her NAVHDA NA test at 4 months old. Again she impressed us with a Prize I.

Don’t let her little package fool you. She has a lot of heart and her willingness to please make her a great young dog with a lot of potential. She is an easy dog to handle in the field and likes to range about 30 - 60 yards. Her first guiding season in Kansas and South Dakota really showed us what this little girl has to offer and we look forward to seeing where she’ll take us this year!

Vino is one of our foundation females, but is now retired.