I recently began my interest with upland hunting, and am beginning the process of acquiring my own dog to train. Standing Stone Kennels educational videos have provided me a valuable way, as a beginner, to learn and how to get the most out of this journey.
— Matt
I just wanted to thank you guys for being such a great resource for training. Your videos are very thorough, and extremely helpful! I appreciate all the work put in to make them. Thanks again!
— Mike

When we first started training hunting dogs, there weren't a ton of great resources easily available. We wanted to help new dog owners by sharing the tips and tricks we have learned from our years of experience. That's why we started making dog training videos and our online training program. But we wanted to do more!

I wanted to say I really appreciate all the free content on YouTube and that I’m happy to be a part of the Patreon community with y’all.
— Richard

That's why we are starting our Dog Training Community on Patreon. We want everyone to be able learn and grow together. Basically we want you to be able to learn from your questions AND other peoples questions! 

Our Dog Training Community will benefit from a ton of great resources, including Patreon only Q and A messages, video exchange trainings (you send us a video of what your dog is working on and we send back a video answer), opportunities for live in person trainings with us, and exclusive SWAG. Plus you'll have a voice in helping shape the future of this Dog Training Community so that it can grow to meet the needs of all our members.

We look forward to you joining our Dog Training Community! 

Ethan, Kat, and everyone else at Standing Stone have made training/raising a pup so much easier. Awesome what they do for everyone!
— Koby