+ Should I bring my dog’s food?

Your dog’s training includes the food we feed at the kennel. We feed Purina ProPlan Sport All Life Stages - Performance 30/20 Formula. However, if you would prefer your dog to stay on the same food they are eating at home, you may bring their food.

+ Should I bring any of my own training equipment (e-collars, leads, etc.)?

We have all of the training equipment we need to train your dog at the kennel. We use DT Systems e-collars and a variety of other training equipment we would not expect for you to have or bring. However, if you have an e-collar that you would like to feel comfortable handling your dog with, feel free to bring your own e-collar for your dog's send home and we will be happy to help you.

+ Should I bring toys and bedding for my dog so they remember me?

Please do NOT bring toys and bedding for your dog. Your dog may pull their toys outside and get them dirty, or another dog may pull it into their kennel. Also if we have to take toys and bedding away there is the chance that it will get mixed in with the kennel's laundry and training equipment and will not be returned to you.

+ Should I bring my dog’s flea and tick medicine or heartworm preventative medicine?

Yes. Please bring enough of your dog's flea and tick and heartworm preventative for their entire stay.

+ What should I bring for my dog?

Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records. We will need to verify that your dog is up to date on their rabies vaccination, bordatella (or kennel cough) vaccination and DHPPV or DA2PPV (distemper, hepatitis, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza) vaccination. Also bring any medications your dog may be on. We also require payment of one month in advance at the time of your dog's drop off.

+ What can I expect my dog’s day to be like if they are in for training?

If your dog is in for training they will be trained five days a week. An average training session will last a minimum of 15 minutes, but usually lasts about an hour depending on the type of training we are doing in that session. At the time of drop off we will go over what your goals for your dog are during their stay at the kennel. Examples of training sessions include: obedience based work (heel, here, sit, stay, kennel, etc.), bird and gun introductions, steadiness work, trained retrieve, water work, or running in the field. They will also be taken out periodically throughout the day so they can go to the bathroom.

+ Can I come out to visit my dog during their training?

During your dog’s training it is important that they remain consistent. However, we want the transition home to go as smoothly as possible so the more time you are able to spend with your dog in a structured training situation with us, the better.

+ How often will I get updates on my dog’s progress and how will I get those updates?

We will make sure to update you on your dog’s progress a minimum of once a week. We constantly are updating our Facebook and Instagram fan pages with pictures and videos of training sessions. We make sure that each dog in for training or boarding makes it up on Facebook/Instagram at least once a week. If you do not have a Facebook or Instagram account or are unfamiliar with Facebook or Instagram, we will be happy to help you find us on Facebook or Instagram, however, if you would prefer another method of updates we are more than happy to call or email with your dog’s progress as well.

+ What happens when I drop off my dog for training?

You will be met at the kennel during your scheduled appointment time to answer any questions you may have and go over your goals for your dog during their stay at the kennel. We will go over how long your goals will most likely take and make a training plan that best fits your goals and timeline. We will make sure we know how you want to receive updates about your dog and also that you have our contact information. An average drop off at the kennel will take 30 minutes to 1 hour, but we will take as much time as you need to feel comfortable.

+ What happens when I pick up my dog after training?

You will be met at the kennel during your scheduled appointment time and go over with you what your dog has learned during their stay at the kennel. We will make sure that you are comfortable handling your dog and will answer any further questions you may have. Your dog will go home with nails trimmed, ears cleaned and a bath. An average send home at the kennel will take 1 to 2 hours, but we will spend as much time as you need to feel comfortable with your dog's training.