Tailgate Check - Hunting Dog Safety

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Yeah, that feels good. Ooh. We've got a big one right down here by his foot. Look at that bad boy.

Hi Ethan here with Standing Stone Kennels and we're going to take a second here right after we finished getting out of the field to do a tailgate check. This is something that gets thrown around a lot, but I think uh, it gets overlooked as a whole. Couple of places that we want to look are in their ears now when the dogs are running through the field, they can pick up different things like seeds or seeds or a big one, but seed or sticks or all kinds of things in there. Vex's ears look pretty good right now. Um, I was checking over Maggie here just a minute ago and she did have a bunch of seeds in her ears, but we're down here hunting in Texas and in the words of my good buddy Dan, everything down here either bites, stings or wishes it could do that. So this plays, true in this situation when we start looking at legs and paws, he's got a few cactus needles in here.

Now, the more of these that we can get out the better he's going to be down the road. So, checking, checking in, ears, checking in pads. Things can hide between their toes. His all look pretty good. He had a couple little spots with cactus in here. We've got those out. Checked up here and make sure he didn't do anything between these toes or break a toenail or anything else that we may have missed. Dogs are really tough and they will hide a lot, which is why we kind of got to be their advocate and be able to check these things out for him. Now he's got a pretty big one right here. Stuck in his chest. We can pull that guy out.

And then, let's see down here. We've got kind of the front half, checked out pretty good and then just run your hands along them kinda like this so you can feel pretty easy to pick out over here. I can feel now that there's another spot right here, but just given the dogs at once over is important and I do believe that people throw like set. People throw that term around a lot. Oh, do a tailgate check. Do a tailgate check, but I think more often than not it gets missed or people don't necessarily remember to think about it because they say, oh, the dog seems fine. We're working our way down here. And we've done ears, good. We're gonna take a quick look in their mouth. Make sure there's nothing happening there. We can go deep inside here. Sometimes things can get lodged up in the roof of their mouth sticks or along the edges of their teeth.

That all looks pretty good. Now, these are also important things that we need to be doing when our dogs are little. Um, he obviously was alright with me opening up his mouth looking in here and that's because we've done it a lot. Um, and we started that when he was really young, but we've worked here down his front legs. Some of these things can pop up later too, but the more we can do now, the better off he's going to be. Let's go ahead and work to his, toward his back here. Run our hands, down the sides. Just feeling for anything that feels abnormal. I found a little, feel something right here. Another little cactus spot. Good. A couple here. Work our way down. Here's another one.

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We've got a big one right down here by his foot. Look at that bad boy. Okay, so, ohh and we got... One stuck where it shouldn't be. Sorry buddy. Let's take these back feet. Don't see anything here or feel anything between his toes. That's good. We'll do this last leg. Got one here.

That feels good there... Good. Got a couple up here on his neck. Now this is going to change a little bit, kind of depending on where you are hunting down here right now. There's a lot of cactus. There's a lot of things that will poke and stick in the dogs. If you get up north, you're not going to run into the same things, but there's definitely still definitely still stuff that can happen, whether that be barbwire or sticks or anything else. When we do these checks like the start at their head and work our way all the way back. Make sure you don't miss anything but take of these guys. They work really hard for us and this is one way that we can make sure that something doesn't happen bad. Good job buddy. You want me to look this one one more time? Thanks guys.